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Enjoy Unlimited Painless Laser Hair Removal for Extra Small to Medium Areas

Tired of shaving, or red irritation from shaving & waxing? It's 2022, you should become a Laser Babe! No more embarrassing hairy situations with our permanent laser hair reduction.  If you stay ready you want have to get ready!  Summer is approaching another benefit is smooth skin. Our unlimited specials allows you to change area throughout your contract when you pay 75/month or 100/month depending on area for six months or twelve months period.  Credit/Debit card is required for subscription.  First month fee is due at time of subscription.  Each additional month will be charged on your credit/debit card you signed up with. You may come in for treatment once every 4-6 weeks under contract.  You can cancel contract at any time all we ask for is a 30 day notice. You will receive treatments on either:


  • 1 extra small area & one small area


  • 1 Medium area

  • 2 extra small & 1 small

  • 2 small areas


Painless, Effective, Save Time, & Money

The Most Competitive Prices  


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